Video Walls

Video walls are found in network operation centers (NOCs), stadiums, and other large public venues, such as gymnasiums, where patrons must view a display from long distances. Smaller venues can also benefit from video walls when patrons may see the screens both up close and at a distance—a situation that requires both a high pixel count and a large display. A video wall consists of multiple displays tiled together in order to form one large screen. Typical display technologies include LCD panels, LED arrays, digital light processing (DLP) tiles and projectors.

Simple video walls can be driven from multi-output video cards, while more complex arrangements may require specialized video processors that are specifically designed to manage and drive large video walls. Some video wall display manufacturers now build the video wall processing component into the display itself. By incorporating the latest technology into its designs and staying “product-neutral,” ITAV Solutions is able to offer its clients the best components and create the most cost-efficient, streamlined and attractive video wall systems available. ITAV has experience working with businesses and environments of all sizes and manages every project with expertise and efficiency to meet time constraints and budget requirements.

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