Digital Signage

“Digital signage” is an umbrella term for a number of computerized display systems that have a common, primary goal of conveying messages and other content. One might see digital signage systems in corporate lobbies, casinos, manufacturing facilities, gas stations, airports, schools, restaurants, bars—almost anywhere. Examples of digital displays include:

•       HDTVs

•       LCD monitors

•       LED boards

•       Projection screens

•       Interactive kiosks

In a world of YouTube, tablets, and smartphones, traditional signs are rapidly losing their ability to make an impact on audiences. Once seen, static text and images are quickly forgotten. Vibrant and dynamic, digital signage can display news, stock tickers, security camera feeds, restaurant menus, maps, directories, television programs, and various forms of advertising. Whether it is used to inform, persuade, promote, or entertain, digital signage is the right choice.

ITAV Solutions is not exclusive to one specific digital signage manufacturer but instead partners with six manufacturers that are the best in their respective fields. There are thousands of producers of digital signage, but ITAV has chosen to become a certified, authorized reseller of Omnivex, SCALA, Four Winds Interactive, CoolSigns, Tightrope Media Systems, and MagicBox, each having different strengths to fit a client’s specific needs. ITAV’s expert consultants work with clients to plan and implement a digital signage network that gets results. By developing an optimal setup plan, estimating the return on investment (ROI), coordinating all technical aspects of the system, and training end users, ITAV understands how to deploy a successful installation.

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