Design Build

Design-build includes both the design and the installation (build) of the audiovisual system. In a design-build, a sole responsible party handles the client’s installation from start to finish. ITAV Solutions has more than 50 years of combined experience in the audiovisual industry, and its team manages all the phases of a design-build project with expertise and efficiency. A design-build can reduce costs to the end user by eliminating those costs associated with utilizing a separate AV consultant. Oftentimes, since the AV installation has been promised to the contractor that provides the design-build, the AV contractor can reduce the cost of, or completely eliminate, the costs associated with the design fees.

In addition to the potential for cost savings, another often-touted benefit of a design-build is the fact that the company designing the AV is also acting as the AV installation company. This can be an ideal situation for the end user, since there is one sole responsible party involved with the entire project. Having a company such as ITAV manage the entire project from start to finish typically reduces costs, improves the construction timeline and greatly improves communication between the client and contractor (ITAV). ITAV has been involved in countless design-build projects utilizing the entire spectrum of AV equipment, including extensive rollouts to new corporate headquarter installations across a national footprint.

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