Camera Systems

When there is discussion of camera systems, most people think of security cameras. While it is true that camera systems are a key component of security and surveillance systems, cameras are also an element in audiovisual (AV) installations. A camera may be hidden or in plain view; the resolution may be standard definition or megapixel (including high definition or HD). Also essential to a camera system is a playback device and a monitor to display captured footage. Usually, a feed from the camera(s) is inputted into a digital video recorder (DVR). A DVR for a security system is similar to a home DVR used for recording television shows and playing them back later. The number of cameras to install as well as their quality is dictated by project requirements as well as budget.

A common scenario for AV camera systems is a scientific or marketing study. ITAV has installed a number of camera systems for clients that conduct live trials and tests. For example, there are many companies that offer consumer testing or consumer research of other company’s products. In many cases, these companies bring in people to test these (often new) products in person so that the companies can use feedback to better evaluate the products. One powerful trend in the industry is for these research companies to install camera systems and send live camera feeds either to other rooms for live viewing by company staff (or their clients) or to a recording device—again, typically a DVR.

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