Audio/Video Conferencing

Audio/video conferencing has become more popular over the last five years due to drastic increases in transportation costs, such as airline tickets and fuel prices. Smart companies are investing heavily in their AV infrastructure in order to eliminate travel and other expenses from their budget. When one compares laying out $1,000 on a flight with spending a significantly lower amount over time for a high-quality and comprehensive conferencing system, the choice becomes clear.

An audio/video conferencing system consists of three main elements:

•       Video (cameras and monitors)

•       Audio (microphones and speakers)

•       Data processing and transfer (a computer network)

These systems allow users to connect visually with other parties and share personal communications as well as digital content, such as documents or spreadsheets, in a collaborative environment. Businesses of any size and within almost any industry can benefit from such a system.

ITAV Solutions has extensive experience working with Fortune 500 companies, law firms, universities and government entities in creating both efficient and reliable audio/video conferencing systems. With a fully certified AV staff, ITAV Solutions engineers user-friendly systems that blend seamlessly with the client’s existing IT technologies. By consulting with clients early on in the design process, ITAV helps its clients minimize any added costs from construction change orders and simultaneously helps to keep the AV installation on track by adhering to the construction schedule. This combination of certified engineering, expert project management and strategic early planning of the system provides the client with both a competitively priced and properly engineered solution that seamlessly integrates with its preexisting technology infrastructure.

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