Assisted Listening

Assistive listening devices (ALDs) are mandatory for projects such as new construction for courthouses and other public works buildings. The primary purpose of these devices is to help people hear well. Many environmental elements, such as background noise and poor acoustics, make it difficult to hear speech and music, whether live, prerecorded, or broadcast from a remote location. An ALD helps to overcome these problems by amplifying and clarifying the source signal. Additionally, ALDs allow people with hearing impairments to participate in meetings, worship services and other types of assemblies. A system can provide options to talk one-on-one or in groups; there are also systems that are able to accommodate hundreds of audience members. Assistive listening technologies use electromagnetic energy, FM radio waves, or infrared light to transmit sound. Most ALDs consist of an amplifier and one or more receivers that work with the sound source.

ITAV Solutions has installed hundreds of ALDs in business conference rooms, university classrooms, mock court rooms and municipal buildings. An expert project manager assesses each client’s needs and develops a plan that makes financial sense and integrates well with the client’s pre-existing technology and planned upgrades. Once the ITAV engineer receives the scope from the project manager, a certified engineer finds the most appropriate ALD manufacturer for the project, based upon input from the client. ITAV is “product neutral” and will specify the best AV equipment solution for the project instead of defaulting to one particular brand. With strong project management and certified engineering, ITAV is able to choose the best solution on a case-by-case basis for each project.

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