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Raytheon (SAS)

2000 E El Segundo Blvd
90245 El Segundo , CA


Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems (SAS) is a leading U.S. defense contractor. Its parent, Raytheon Company, employs more than 71,000 people across the globe and serves customers in over 80 countries.


Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems (SAS) is a leading U.S. defense contractor. Its parent, Raytheon Company, employs more than 71,000 people across the globe and serves customers in over 80 countries. Since the Fortune 500 firm was established in Massachusetts in 1922, Raytheon engineers have been responsible for a number of diverse technological innovations, including the S gas rectifier tube, which revolutionized radio; the microwave oven; and the missile-mounted guidance system. Raytheon SAS is the largest employer in El Segundo, with 11,500 employees and 2012 revenue of $5.3 billion. The SAS division produces combat technology such as radars; sensors; guidance systems; and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR).

The defense industry, more than any other, depends on lightning-fast delivery of accurate information, reliable network connectivity, excellent communication and quality equipment. The safety of an entire nation lies at the hands of the military; system glitches, lost seconds, and measurements that are even slightly off can mean disaster. Manufacturers of military equipment must have premium quality control in order to ensure that only the best products are shipped for use. Installing digital signage in the form of flat panel displays in a production facility enables communication and constant analysis of production status. ITAV Solutions’ extensive experience with design-build projects for large customers with the highest expectations makes ITAV an ideal audiovisual resource for companies such as Raytheon.

At Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems in El Segundo, ITAV Solutions completed an audiovisual project involving the facility’s manufacturing floor. The initial scope of work was to implement 50 already-installed display screens in order to provide manufacturing data in real time. This communication system uses Omnivex Moxie software to extract the data and distribute documents to the screens, facilitate corporate communications and send information to lobby displays. ITAV’s goal for Raytheon was to implement the Moxie visual factory system successfully and train the “power users.”

Raytheon Company designed a system of over 350 large-format displays to disseminate data to work teams on the manufacturing floor. This information system is a web-based presentation tool which is updated on an hourly basis by a variety of content contributors and then distributed to screens on the manufacturing floor. While the tool has been effective in assisting the manufacturing personnel in better understanding the current order fulfillment status, the web format has some inherent limitations. One of the limitations is that the web pages must be manually authored. In addition, the web-based tool does not easily allow for viewing of PDF documents, Word documents and Excel spreadsheets.

As a result, after two years of exhaustive research, Raytheon chose to implement Omnivex Moxie as its visual tool for disseminating manufacturing data, corporate communications and general employee information at SAS. ITAV installed Moxie in the existing audiovisual design, handled all of the upgrade details and trained employees to ease the transition into this newer, more efficient system.

Raytheon SAS relied on ITAV Solutions’ professionalism, respect for highly sensitive information and experience with Fortune 500 companies to execute a successful digital signage rollout for El Segundo as well as a second Raytheon business in Tucson, Arizona. ITAV’s expert project managers and installers are ready at a moment’s notice to work in any location, domestically or globally, making ITAV the perfect audiovisual resource for companies with multiple locations.