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DeVry University - Oxnard, CA (AV Installation)


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DeVry University

300 E Esplanade Dr #100
93036 Oxnard , CA

Phone: (805) 604-3350


DeVry University provides quality education that employers respect, and is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association (, the same organization that accredits many other well-known public and private schools.


As part of ITAV Solutions’ partnership program, Whitlock hired ITAV to complete an in-depth audiovisual upgrade/installation at multiple California campuses for DeVry University, an expansive educational facility with over 95 branches in North America. DeVry’s total enrollment for 2012 was over 100,000 students, making them one of the largest private universities in the United States. DeVry University is an accredited institution that has been providing respected, quality education since 1931. A research and development group at DeVry is responsible for analyzing their technologies on an ongoing basis and seeking out the systems that meet their academic quality tenet for learning methodologies. The Oxnard campus offers several undergraduate and graduate degree programs and features many large classrooms as well as a computer lab.

Educational institutions require up-to-date technologies that create a learning environment similar to what students will encounter upon entering the workforce or changing career paths. Permanently installed flat panel displays and digital projection systems enable teachers to quickly and easily supplement lessons with video—no more fumbling with AV carts. Ceiling speakers conduct sound clearly and evenly throughout a large room so that each student has an opportunity to hear well and process the information received. Structured cabling systems allow for reliable connectivity, which eliminates hiccups and maximizes limited class time. Both students and instructors benefit from the fast, fun, and engaging teaching techniques made possible by these technologies.

At the Oxnard location, a total of 14 rooms were included in the scope of work:

  • Five classrooms
  • Three interview rooms
  • Two combination classrooms
  • One common area
  • Info Station
  • ATC Lite
  • Dev Studio

Each classroom required basic audiovisual components for lesson presentations with variable connectivity to PCs and other devices. The owner-furnished (OFE) PC, amplifier, and cabling was housed in conventional lectern furniture to maintain a warm classroom environment, with convenient wall-mounted controls for instructors and other users. Video was provided via a ceiling-mounted projector and manual wall screen. Ceiling speakers completed the work. ITAV’s goal was to give DeVry the system they needed to successfully merge digital technology with traditional classroom training and keep them at the forefront of higher learning.

In each classroom, ITAV installed a front-projected visual display system consisting of a wall-mounted manual screen and a suspended ceiling-mounted projector. An owner-furnished (OFE) dedicated PC for the room resides in an OFE lectern, with connectivity to the system through a wall plate. Also available on the wall plate are composite video and left/right audio connections, with the corresponding cables routed into the lectern, allowing for hookup to an additional OFE video device. The lectern additionally contains a single two-input auto-switching distribution amplifier and a 6-foot VGA with audio cable, the latter being left on top of the lectern for OFE laptop connectivity. A similar 3-foot cable connects the PC to the distribution amplifier (DA).

Program audio is provided through a series of ceiling-recessed, self-amplifying speakers. A wired, wall-mounted control panel features 10 buttons and is compatible with Crestron’s RoomView remote management software. Finally, a small room rack with rack rails and two shelves was provided for housing the equipment in the OFE lectern.

Without a local physical office, Whitlock called upon ITAV's expert engineering and project management team to successfully manage and install the audiovisual for some of DeVry University’s Southern California branches. ITAV’s unlimited service area, 24/7 availability, and rapid response times mean that partners with a national footprint can rely on consistent results at any location. With 50 years combined audiovisual industry experience and certified installers and project managers, ITAV is able to integrate components seamlessly for the well-organized, high-performance, aesthetically appealing outcome that they (and their partners) base their reputation on. The results at DeVry’s Oxnard campus, in addition to similar work performed at the Pomona and Bakersfield locations, gave the university audiovisual systems they can rely on in the years ahead.