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Joe Divona, founder and President of ITAV Solutions was featured on KFMB AM760 radio live last Saturday night on their highly-regarded weekly financial program,  “It’s Your Money and Your Life" hosted by Richard Muscio CPA and Joe Vecchio.  The program originates from the prestigious La Valencia Hotel in the village of La Jolla.  The August 17, 2013 broadcast also featured Sean Puckett, 1st Vice President of Regents Bank. This particular session focused on the story behind ITAV and the relationship between ITAV and Regents Bank.

Divona discussed how he built his business from scratch in 2009 during the economic downturn and became San Diego’s second fastest-growing company by 2013. Divona attributed his success, in part, to his decision to work with a local community bank.  Although ITAV was affiliated with a larger bank when it launched, Divona became frustrated with the lack of competence and care he was getting and sought to get more personalized financial service —the same kind of service that he founded his own company on.  Sean Puckett and Regents Bank demonstrated how a community bank methodically serves clients in excellent fashion.  Divona described how working with Regents helped put his business on an impressive upward trajectory after implementing their skilled and thorough financial advice.

ITAV Solutions follows a unique business model: Instead of relying on in-house salespeople to build client relationships, ITAV partners with other companies—such as Sharp Business Systems—and obtains project work on a referral basis. By eliminating sales staff and outsourcing part-time and seasonal needs, ITAV is able to minimize expenses and focus solely on operations.

ITAV Solutions has quickly become an audiovisual industry leader by serving not only the local San Diego area but also national and multinational clients, including several Fortune 500 firms. ITAV's mission is to assist businesses every step of the way through audiovisual integrations. For more information on audiovisual services and products, please call 855-438-4828 or send an email to

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760 KFMB, AM Talk Radio
760 KFMB, AM Talk Radio

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